Access a “Ready to Go” Testing Environment for GPU-intensive Applications

Optimize Your Product or Service
in a Secure Research and Development Space

Test, evaluate, and onboard cloud-native, compute-intensive applications on a scalable and flexible platform. Our research and development environment allows AI developers and data scientists to test artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, IoT apps and more over a secure, multi-cloud GPU-powered network, getting as close to end users as possible.

GPU Onboarding
  • Customer workload provided as a Docker container
  • Integration into applicable InnovoStudio dashboards for monitoring and performance metrics
  • Demonstration of deployment and monitoring in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud (GCP), and DigitalOcean
  • Additional cloud environments available upon request
GPU Performance Testing and Evaluation
  • Integration into the InnovoStudio analytics API
  • Testing across NVIDIA GPUs in AWS, Azure, GCP, and DigitalOcean
  • GPU, CPU, memory, storage, and network utilization, stress testing, and sensitivity analysis
  • Additional GPUs, cloud environments, configurations, and test characteristics available as a service
  • Testing methodology, tools, and plans
GPU Self-Service
  • Remote access to test workloads on a variety of GPUs in data center through edge configurations
  • Flexible billing options
GPU Development Services
  • Designated developers to help with GPU-focused workload optimization and acceleration
  • Flexible billing options
Data scientists and developers working with compute-intensive applications. Leverage our testing infrastructure for your new applications that require GPU resources.